Friday, May 21, 2010


Douglas Bell has a short piece on the declining popularity (huh? what?) of Ignatieff titled "Ig descendant". Has anyone noticed that his name is getting steadily shorter? First it was the correct anglo 'Ignatieff', then detractors and wags used the more slavic 'Ignatiev'. Then we have the ubiquitous 'Iggy', used by both the lovers and haters alike. Then there was Igg used as a shorthand for a shorthand on this very blog.

Now Bell, pushing the boundaries of the Canadian Political Injoke, has taken it a step further. One wonders if the name will continue to shorten untill one day there is no name. Simply an empty space standing across from a confused PM, and in front of a Liberal Party drifting in the wind left by his passing.

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Anonymous said...

Then shouldn't we shorten Harper to Harpy or Harp? Most of English Canada don't know the name of that French guy - you know - the one from the Block/Bloc/Bloq. And what about the socialist - um - he looks trustworthy but I can't remember his name at the moment.